"ADPi has meant so many different things to me over the years.  When I pledged ADPi, I was a charter member with no former members to look to for guidance.  I made some really close friends/sisters that I still meet with/talk with/communicate with to this day.  Then it meant a support system and a close knit group of young women who were there for each other no matter what.  As I moved along into being an alumna, I found that my group was just a very small part of what ADPi is.  As I moved through being various advisors, alumna association president, and Collegiate Province Director I got to know so many ADPi sisters that I still do things with to this day.  They are from all over the country.  ADPi for me has gone from that start as a small group of true, strong friends/sisters and support system to a VERY large organization of magnificent women who are all dedicated to making ADPi the “First and Finest!”  This is waiting for anyone privileged enough to be an ADPi."

-Diana Beck JonEs

Charter Member of Epsilon Omicron